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This app is about the never-ending fight against horror and shooting the walking dead. This game dead trigger mod apk makes you face your real fears and as a result, take up your weapons. You must be very strong to destroy the most powerful hordes of zombies. As the game begins, you are given a huge number of tasks that you will get used to and kill all zombies as we do in Dragon Mania Legends mod apk.

Moreover, players must follow the mission details and they can earn huge amounts of coins as a reward. These coins are the money that you will need to purchase high-power weapons and upgrade your old collection same as Wildcraft Mod Apk.

The dead trigger is originally made for the joy of using your ultimate powers and using your strong weapons for killing the walking.In addition, the game provides the best realistic and horrific graphics that complement the game.

Best Offline Shooter
Dead Trigger Mod Apk


Application NameDead Trigger Mod Apk

Dead Trigger Mod Apk Features

Dead Trigger Mod Apk Features
Dead Trigger Mod Apk Features

 Dead Trigger Mod Apk Unlimited Money and Gold 

Furthermore, this game is all about defeating your enemy and becoming the ultimate winner. Survival is the key to success and for that, you can use any weapon from the game. These weapons are already unlocked and free for purchase from the game menu. Dead trigger game is not for the light-hearted as there will be uncountable zombies attacking from all directions. Kill all of them and not only clear the level by completing the mission but win gold as currency.

Dead Trigger Cheats 

There are certain cheat codes to clear a level in case you are stuck and cannot make it out alive. Zombie shooter hack is the best and easiest cheat by far that can kill all the zombies that have surrounded you in a matter of seconds. Also, this cheat is easily purchasable from the game settings and can be used many times by purchasing.

Dead Trigger Offline Zombie Shooter Mod Apk 

Dead Trigger Offline Zombie Shooter Mod Apk 
Dead Trigger Offline Zombie Shooter Mod Apk 

The great news for game lovers is that this game works as well in offline mode too. Although, you will not be able to make online purchases like hacks and cheats you can still clear many levels with ease. Dead trigger 2 hacked apk is specially designed for android users where they can have the fun of killing zombies with or without an internet connection, anytime and anywhere.

Dead Trigger Free

This app is free for download with all the game features already unlocked for you. A reward is given each time to those who win a fierce battle. Also, you can unlock more weapons and skills to enhance your capabilities while you can be a great warrior. Furthermore, the game is giving a great chance to earn extra cash or valuable goods. Apk dead trigger is easy to use with a collection of powerful and harmful weapons; you must know the right skills to use them.

What’s New in Dead Trigger Mod Apk?

Amazing Graphics

When you are following the story in the game, you can play as the only human survivor in the town. Moreover, there are more than 10 different maps to discover from in this version. Dead trigger apk download takes you on a rescue mission where you can choose from the four hard or mild settings. This means that the number of zombies attacking you can be controlled.

Furthermore, there is a campaign mode in the game where you can play in a multiplayer environment. Many players around the world are not very good fighters so they take help from our free hacks. To take on all the zombies at a time, the game dead trigger hacked apk has a target facility so you can take aim from a far distance and never miss it. You are the only human who is hope for the other living beings.


Dead Trigger 1 mod apk works great with Android 4.5+ and needs about 180 MB space on your device. Also, the game is giving many coins, weapons, and gems to the players who try their best. Even if you do not win, the game will reward you with money so you can start over or play a level many times.

Dead Trigger Mod Apk Gameplay


An unknown disease has taken over the world in dead trigger apk and it is turning healthy humans into zombies. These zombies are attacking other living persons uncontrollably and adding up in their armies. Both the military and government are unable to stop the spread of this disease. But, before this disease can spread any further you must kill them as they cannot be cured.

There is a specially designed support system in the game that includes weapons and health bars. Also, players can collect multiple crafting items on their way to hunt and use them as resources. These parts can be brought to engineering departments and assembled as something useful.

Dead trigger hack provides creative support too that helps in medical and construction areas. These are life essentials like food, clothes, and tools. Moreover, players can upgrade all attained items to stay ahead in the game.

The Version History

  • Latest v2.0.2
  • Previous v2.0.1
  • Old v2.0.0
  • Older v1.9.9
  • Oldest v1.9.0

Download Dead Trigger Mod Apk Now

Download Dead Trigger Mod Apk Now
Download Dead Trigger Mod Apk Now

Dead trigger mod apk download 

  • Click the Download button and start the process
  • Direct the file to the external storage of your device
  • Run the APK from the file manager and install the game
  • When the installation process is finished you should register to stay connected

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the latest version of Dead Trigger?

Dead Trigger 2 is a series of the original and award-winning Dead Trigger. This is a first-person shooter and it is bigger, bloodier, and has even better graphics.

Does Dead Trigger 2 have multiplayer?

While the original game is a single-player game, this version has some multiplayer components. Also, players will be playing alongside hundreds of other players in the world.


To conclude the above-mentioned article, you all know by now that this is a survival action game that includes too much fighting. You are supposed to be the light for other humans on the planet and help them live through this dark time by killing and vanishing all zombies.

What's new

Great news!
We have just released new technical update 2.0.4 full of improvements and bug fixes.



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