APKsight is a platform that provides multiple APK links for personal entertainment and utilities. All of the APKs on the website is declared open for public use by their trademarked companies. The content and link on APKsight are published under DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and the US Copyrights Act (US Code, Title 17). We carefully follow all the rules and regulations to ensure our users’ safe services.

Even though, if there is a case of allegation regarding the content on the website, we can remove it in the presence of actual evidence or the owner’s consent and the proof of trademark. Anyone can come forward to claim copyright allegations with complete assurance, and we will always be here to resolve them under regulations provided by DMCA.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

APKsight strictly follows and acknowledges 17 USC §512 and DMCA regulations. If any notice of infringement occurs, we make sure to research the evidence and reveal the truth ourselves. Any act of false accusation and misleading evidence that has led the website to damages with be decided under the regulation of DMCA and legally applicable laws.

The content on over website is based on users’ and personal experience, but the companies release the download links for the free and personal use of the public. Thus, you can find links all over the internet and application stores. But even so, if someone comes forth with the allegation, here is how to contact us:

  • An Authorization letter from the owner with their proof of identity and signature if the third party contacts us. Otherwise, the application will not proceed.
  • The party must identify and location of infringed material over the website.
  • Multiple infringements can also be identified by providing numerous locations over the website.
  • The complaining party must mention their Name, Identification, active contact number, and Email addresses for us to contact.
  • Legal notice of infringement completes allegations of the material from the rightful owner.
  • If the infringing statement is not released with the identification of the valid owner, then the notice will not be procced.

Infringement Resolution

If the allegations are true, we will remove that data as soon as possible. If there is a link infringement, we will direct it to the application or official website of the APK link. Therefore, these are ways we can conduct the resolution with the party:

  • Infringed material will be removed or replaced by the unique one.
  • The owner can ask for complete post deletion on the website and data deletion. Here is a process to that as well:
  • Email an application that must mention the deletion of the entire data and content.
  • Email should have proof of copyright certificate of the valid owner.
  • The location of the content over the website.

You can contact us by the details provided on the “Contact Us” page for assistance.

Penalties and Damages

In case of a false allegation, the opposite party must face the penalty according to Section 512(f) of the DCMA. Following are the potential penalties:

  • False accusations of misinterpretation of the statement can lead to a monetary penalty.
  • The accusing party will stand liable for the damages during the infringement process.
  • The party will pay the cost of the website’s attorney if the accusation fails.

The penalties can also be discussed once contacted through legal authorities.

If you are still waiting to hear from us, please allow us 5 to 7 business days to respond to your emails. Thank you.

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