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Swordigo Mod Apk is for people who love fighting games. And the thrill here is that you will be fighting with swords to become the ultimate swordsman
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App Description

This app swordigo mod apk game is an adventure game in which you run, jump and fight against tons of opponents. Moreover, the game is specially made for fans of classic platforms and the graphics will leave no one indifferent. In the game of Swordigo, the passageways are always full of surprises, so you have to be very careful. Placing a hack on Swordigo will give you lots of gems. Explore dungeons, kingdoms and don`t forget to upgrade your skills as we do in ninja warrior.

Moreover, enjoy a classic adventure in this epic game swordigo 2. But this is more than a typical adventure game. Here you can use magic, walk around dungeons and beat monsters. This gaming platform brings a new bend and new graphics to your favorite genre. It makes for a whole new game, but it has elements that make it nostalgic.

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Swordigo Mod Apk Features

Swordigo Apk
Swordigo Mod Apk


Application NameSwordigo Mod Apk
Mod Info(Unlimited Money, Unlocked All)

Unique Game

Unique Game
Unique Game

Adventure games are nothing new in mobile gaming. They have been around since computer games came into being. Swordigo 2 game download is a new side-scrolling that delivers the adventure of a lifetime. Here you can play as a character that can use magic. In addition, use it to defeat monsters along the way and explore dungeons. There are many places to discover and objects to find out and caves to explore. Also, the graphics are now modern and the controls are super simple.

Variety of Locations 

You can go anywhere in this game. The swordigo map of this game is so large that it will take hours to explore all of them. Discover caves, dungeons, cities, and other unique places you’ve never seen before. Furthermore, each location carries its risks and multiple dangers. You have to move very carefully and do your best to defeat all opponents in your path.

Magic and Swords 

Magic and Swords 
Magic and Swords 

This game is not an ordinary and typical adventure game. At this time, you can use your sword to attack nearby enemies. Then you can even use magic for ranged attacks. Moreover, this is a unique combination of RPG and adventure games. In this game, you can collect rare and powerful swords. You will look for and find powerful items and other spells to easily defeat your rivals. Swordigo magic sword has no limit.

Level Up Your Character

Level Up Your Character
Level Up Your Character

In the game Swordigo, you can level up your character with the free hacks. As you gain this experience, your character’s traits become more powerful.

Mysterious Puzzle

Unlike other games, only the murder part is missing in the swordigo 2 apk. Various hidden questions challenge you. Moreover, get the correct answers to unlock a new storyline.

Magic and Sword

In this game, you must find powerful weapons, spells, and items to defeat your enemies. There are gloomy caves and various dungeons to find powerful hidden swords in swardigo. Create the strongest sword and attach it using the magic orb.

What’s New in Swordigo Mod Apk?

Health, Attack & Magic

The sword is at the heart of the game called swordigo apk and the main quest will guide you to the final reward of the game “The Magelade”, which is also a sword. Yes, the whole story of the game is based on this sword and you need to find all Wizard sword pieces to put them together at the last moment of the game. Protect your boss with this power armor.

After perfecting your sword swordigo game download for pc, magic powers, and orbs, you finally got armor, a protective material you will love in the game. In addition, this armor is a protective material that protects you from enemy swords and poison bite attacks. Simply put, if you lose your heart due to sword damage, your heart`s damage after wearing armor will be halved.


Swordigo game for pc sword mod works great with Android 5.0+ and needs about 59 MB space on your device. Also, the game is giving hard challenges that need a highly spirited player.

Swordigo Mod Apk Gameplay


First of all, the modified version offers a fully unlocked game. If you haven’t played Swordigo before, this game includes a huge map and you have to fight a lot between gameplay to reach multiple directions. But luckily we have the free Swordigo game download that is designed free to help you travel the entire map of Swordigo, including the last destination to unlock the Mageblade on the same map.

The interface of the game is generally the same as the official version. So, wait to find the magic sword fragment as soon as possible. Even after becoming the most powerful team in the entire Swordigo game, you still have to defend yourself. You can use the endless coins you get in the game to get powerful armor. However, the game only gives 3 hearts upon initialization. This is a very small amount.

The Version History

Latest Previous Old Older Oldest
v1.4.4 v.1.4.3 v1.4.2 v1.4.1 v1.4.0

Download Swordigo Mod Apk Now

Download Swordigo Mod Apk Now
Download Swordigo Mod Apk Now
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  • Transfer the file to the device’s external storage
  • Run the APK from the file manager and install the game
  • Once the installation process is complete, you need to register to stay connected


To summarize, swordigo trinkets are designed not only for kids at home but also for adults, seniors, and game enthusiasts. Players of all ages can join the game and enjoy unparalleled benefits. Also, when you download the MOD APK, you will come across a myriad of things in the game.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get more Soul Shards in Swordigo?

Download free Swordigo MOD APK to get unlimited Soul Shards on your game account.

How do I get the Too Rich Achievement?

You can do it simply by downloading the Swordigo MOD from our page. That will give you a resource of Soul Shards that never diminishes.

Is it safe to download Swordigo Hack? 

It is safe to download this Swordigo Mod apk to get free and unlimited soul fragments. You can download it without any worries.

What's new

- Improved compatibility with new Android versions.
- Bug fixes and other improvements.



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